The Cradle Sprawl Pass

How A Basic Pinning Move Used In Wrestling Was Adapted To Become A Half Guard Player's Worst Nightmare!

Learn The Cradle Sprawl Pass & Crush Half Guard

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I have faced a lot of world class competitors over the years, and Robert Drysdale certainly is at the top of that list of the best of the best.

As one of the few Americans to win the IBJJF Mundials as a black belt, ADCC 2007 Absolute Champion, and undefeated MMA fighter - Robert has competed at the apex of the sport and coached many people to that level.

In wrestling the Cradle is a powerful pinning technique that can also be used to score take downs. In BJJ and MMA, it has not really been utilized. I myself have often played around with them for BJJ, but Robert has taken it to another level to develop a step-by-step passing sequence to crush the half guard player.

You see the picture to the left?That is Robert cradling me en route to an overtime victory! He then ended up submitting Andre Galvao by RNC, and then submitting Marcelo Garcia by a Brabo choke, which is also in the course.So now that I got your attention - you ready to learn how to pass the half guard with the cradle? The first step is to use the sprawl break, which will open up the half guard and put you in side control. Check it out above!


The next video highlights the biggest achievement of Robert Drysdale's career - which is a tall order for such an accomplished athlete.

You will learn how he submitted multiple time ADCC World Champion and BJJ Legend Marcelo Garcia with a Brabo Choke! This choke comes easily from the Cradle Series, and some of the golden nuggets that Robert will show you will shine a new light on this misunderstood technique.

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