BJJ Cradle Series by Robert Drysdale

Learn How A Simple Wrestling Pin Will Become Every Half Guard Players Worst Nightmare!

Learn The Cradle Sprawl Pass & Crush Half Guard

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Possibly the most accomplished American Grappler of his generation, Robert Drysdale is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a rank he earned training with the legendary coach Leonardo Vieira. Robert Drysdale is the 2nd American to win an IBJJF World Championship (2005), later going on to win the ADCC (2007) in the open weight category. Robert Drysdale also competed in mixed martial arts (MMA) reaching the pinnacle of the sport, the UFC. By the end of 2013 Drysdale joined forces with Rodrigo Cavaca to form a new grappling team – Zenith BJJ.